ABOUT US CSS Custom Electronics in Elsmere, DE, provides home entertainment that is designed to meet our clients' expectations. The solutions offered are easy to use because relaxing and having fun shouldn't be hard to do.  Its All About the Experience. CSS Custom Electronics has been bringing quality service to the tri-state area since August, 1994. With Delaware roots, the President is a fourth generation native Delawarean. Relationships with our clients are considered long-term. Customer Service is our primary concern. MISSION STATEMENT CSS custom electronics strives to provide whole solutions for our clients' entertainment environment and security. CSS is a provider of integrated electronic systems for your home and office.  Our services include design installation and integration of systems for Entertainment (Audio/Video), Communication (Voice and Data Networking), Comfort (Control Systems for Lighting and HVAC), and Security (Burgular/Fire Alarm, Access Control, Cameras) as well as custom solutions to meet the challenges of clients with special needs (assistive technology).  Our organization will work with a myriad of professionals to ensure that our custom installations meet your needs.  Customer service and support after the sale is our priourty and promise.  So do it right, or don't do it at all. - CSS Philosophy To provide the best solution to meet your needs.  To provide unparalled customer service after the sale.  To create long term relationships with our clients. Elan Control 4 Sunfire Integra Sony Revel Canton Totem Fujitsu Pioneer Sharp Mitsubishi OnQ/Legrand Nuvo DVDO Rockustics QSC Tannoy LG Olevia Peerless Premier Mounts Chief Da-Lite Stewart Filmscreen Panamax Vutec XM Satellite Radio Tributaries Lowell Middle Atlantic Belkin Slingbox Solar Shading Lucasey OmniMount Screen Innovations Sennheiser Induction Dynamics utilizing the best of the best in technology. Copyright and All Rights Reserved by CSS Custom Electronics 2010 There's no right way to do the wrong thing. - Harry Weyl Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST